How it works

Our service

Our catalogue is designed to be subscription based. We give you flexible options on our subscription plans to accommodate your needs. If you really love a piece and want it we also have an Own (plus +) option where you can purchase a piece with repairs for free. All items come with FREE shipping, and a small amount of deposit. 

*conditions apply


Worn out your products but still love it? Keep subscribing with a brand new product whenever you want.


Want to try something new? Return your product and continue subscribing with something different


Don't need your item anymore? Return, stop paying your monthly fee and we'll handle the product afterlife.

Own (plus+)

Love a product & want to keep it? Our service lets you keep the item and repair them whenever you want. 

*To prevent a misuse of our service, we require a period of minimum 12 months before you are eligible to use our flexible options apart from obvious defects on our end.