KAMARQ's Philosophy



For over 10 years I have worked in the furniture industry, and over those 10 years, we built millions of pieces of furniture for major corporations. When it comes to creating products, instead of producing the same thing over and over, my goal has always been to create something that can help make each day feel new while also taking into consideration the season and temperature at that time.

The longer I spent in the furniture industry surrounded by beautiful products, the more I wanted to create my own furniture brand. That feeling drove me to build KAMARQ.

Furniture has a history that spans thousands of years, and with more and more unique pieces being built every day, I often found myself wondering, “what is the purpose of creating something brand new?” As I began to form the KAMARQ brand, I gave myself 3 clear rules to follow.

1. Be a service provider that stands the test of time.

At KAMARQ, instead of putting the focus on creating furniture that sells, our goal is to create furniture that lasts. If you use our subscription service, we will take back any KAMARQ furniture you have stopped using. Through this process, we gain a greater understanding of how our customers use our products while maintaining a strong sense of responsibility as a service provider. We hope to create lifelong relationships with our customers through KAMARQ’s subscription service.


2. Never stop building products.

100% of KAMARQ’s furniture is built in-house in our very own factories. Having complete control means we are able to operate with full transparency. Of course, we never use illegal materials, and our factory working conditions follow international standards. If a customer experiences a defective product, that customer can contact us with the product code that came with the delivery and we will be able to trace the product from the very beginning. What materials were used, who inspected the product, and how it was delivered.

By controlling production, we can promise you complete transparency.


3. Always stay eco-friendly.

Once a subscription customer decides they want to change the color or size of a product, replace a product, or just return something they aren’t using anymore, we take back the original item and reuse as much of the materials as possible. This is also a significant aspect of our product planning phase as we design each piece with the intentions to reuse the materials for other products. With this mentality, we aim to become the world’s leading eco-friendly furniture maker.

In Indonesian, KAMARQ means “my room.” We spend so much of our lives inside our rooms, and that is why we want to help our customers create a unique environment that makes their lives feel a little bit more fulfilling.