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Storage boxes that come in 6 different sizes for you to mix and match as you please. The boxes can be used individually, or you can arrange the different sizes together to create an artistic take on household storage. Stack them on top of each other or place smaller boxes inside larger ones to create your own unique storage space. In addition to using them in your living room, they also make great additions to your office entrance.

 Usage Plan: 

We have prepared 2 different usage plans that differ depending on the period of time that must pass before you can exchange products. Please choose the plan that fits your needs best.

Basic12:Product exchange possible after 12 months of use.

Middle6:Product exchange possible after 6 months of use.

Medium density fiberboard (coated with urethane resin)
BOX1 Width 13.8" (350mm) × Depth 13.8" (350mm) × Height 13.8" (350mm)
(Interior dimensions - Width 12.8" (326mm) x Depth 13.3" (338mm) x Height 12.8" (326mm))

BOX2 Width 12.0" (306mm) × Depth 13.2" (337mm) × Height 12.0 (306mm)
(Interior dimensions - Width 11.1" (282mm) x Depth 12.8" (325mm) x Height 11.1" (282mm))

BOX3 Width 10.3" (262mm) × Depth 12.8" (325mm) × Height 10.3" (262mm)
(Interior dimensions - Width 9.4" (238mm) x Depth 12.3" (313mm) x Height 9.4" (238mm))

BOX4 Width 8.6" (218mm) × Depth 12.3" (313mm) × Height 8.6" (218mm)
(Interior dimensions - Width 7.6" (194mm) x Depth 11.9" (301mm) x Height 7.6" (194mm))

BOX5 Width 6.9" (174mm) × Depth 11.9" (301mm) × Height 6.9" (174mm)
(Interior dimensions - Width 5.9" (150mm) x Depth 11.4" (289mm) x Height 5.9"(150mm))

BOX6 Width 5.2" (130mm) × Depth 11.4" (289mm) × Height 5.2" (130mm)
(Interior dimensions - Width 4.2" (106mm) x Depth 10.9" (277mm) x Height 4.2" (106mm))

Total : 684.3 oz. (19.4kg)
BOX1 211.6 oz. (6.0kg), BOX2 176.4 oz. (5.0kg), BOX3 141.1 oz. (4.0kg),
BOX4 105.8 oz. (3.0kg), BOX5 70.5 oz. (2.0kg), BOX6 35.3 oz. (1.0kg)

Assembly: Pre-assembled.
Package Size:
Width 14.2" (360mm) × Depth 14.2" (360mm) × Height 14.4" (365mm)

This product comes in a set of 6.

Please understand that products from the same series may not be completely identical as the surface of each product is coated by hand.